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Energizing Remote Leadership

How to integrate your employees even in remote times completely into the events.

Experience this free online workshop on 04/29/2021 in one hour.

Whether in a remote context or in a presence context:

It is important to realize the essential key objectives, such as congruence of goals, psychological empowerment and commitment within the employees.

This creates the basis for motivation, energy and pride in the individual willingness to perform. Those who have so far placed too much importance on control play a losing card. (Performance-) values replace control. If the values do not exist today, they must be created remotely.

In our free one hour interactive workshop we focus on setting the right accents even remotely.
This is achieved when leaders design a framework that allows their team to perform remotely, the team atmosphere will stay healthy and leadership will remain effective without the leader themselves becoming a bottleneck.

Challenge and goal

Your constant goal should be to create transparency within the team.

Assumptions and rumors or the feeling of being excluded or disconnected, take energy from your employees.
If you can manage to ensure that the core values of leadership, such as goal congruence, commitment, psychological empowerment, self-efficacy and agility are realized, then you have already made most of the hire.

It is essential that people feel properly understood, valued, and part of the whole.

Core elements
  • Authentic congruence of goals
  • Identity and commitment
  • Psychological empowerment and agile practices
  • Optimism and perspective for the future
  • Belonging and understanding
  • Self-confidence and self-efficacy
Remote pillar
  • An important psychological element is that employees are given a sense of predictability about what is going to happen through a good time structure.
  • Through qualitative interventions, employees are uplifted in home office and build energy above it.
  • The perceived benefit of the leader is the basis for the personal leadership impact – especially in remote leadership.
These features will define the difference
  • For this we demonstrate a system of micro-innovations (Weekly Frame, Virtual Open Door etc.) and of leadership impulses. You can top this with regular, structured, real-time surveys.

Bei inhaltlichen Ausführungen und allgemeinen Informationen beraten wir Sie gerne in einem persönlichen Gespräch.