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Sales Circle

Develop your strengths and areas of action in sales in a targeted manner

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With the Sales Circle evaluation report, you will receive feedback on your behavior in the sales environment from the perspective of superiors, cooperation partners, colleagues and other assessors.

This provides you with valuable information about your strengths and areas for improvement. A sophisticated system allows you to calculate the sales potential that can be achieved in the future if the individual and sales-oriented improvements are realized. The target group for this training is primarily sales employees who have direct customer contact.

Exemplary report of the Sales Circle

The 360 degree feedback survey Sales Circle distinguishes aspects of the areas:

  • Future competencies

Future competencies are skills that are coming into sharper focus as a result of changing expectations of sales employees.

  • Sales density

Sales density aspects describe the way sales tasks are approached.

  • Personality

The area of personality reveals natural strengths. This makes it clear that potential to be brought out into the open and reveals how relationships are formed. We also consider Unfavorable Behavior, which stands for behaviors that can hinder or seriously jeopardize success in sales.

Your benefit

This 360 degree feedback serves as a starting point for an individual development process.

The goal here is for you to derive concrete fields of action from the feedback and neutralize the resulting disruptive impulses in order to support your personal development process.

In doing so, it makes sense to further develop important aspects of your personality that have not yet emerged as strengths and to maximize the number of outstanding strengths.

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We will be happy to advise you on the content and general information in a personal meeting.