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Leadership Circle New Work

Create a new attractive working environment by implementing New Work principles

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In a volatile, uncertain, complex and disruptive world, the demands on leaders have changed. Once again, a paradigm shift is taking place.

At the same time, the attitudes, values and demands of applicants and employees have also changed massively. In order to survive in the “war of talents,” companies must not only create attractive framework conditions, but also reinvent themselves to some extent, particularly in the areas of culture, employee management and collaboration.

Many executives are not prepared for this change and often remain stuck in the status quo for fear of losing power and influence.

Only with a holistic, accompanying approach can they be taken along on the path from hierarchical status-oriented behavior to benefit-oriented initiator and enabler. Furthermore, increasingly agile structures within companies require a new role definition.

Our approach

  • Creation or revision of a mission statement aligned with the DNA of the company to solidify its own New Work principles
  • Deriving future requirements for managers and creating a tailored competency model as the basis for personnel development and feedback systems
  • Implementation of the New Work principles and anchoring of the new role models among executives
  • Establishment of feedback systems with a high level of acceptance and significance
  • Further development of executives based on the starting points identified through feedback and self-assessment, etc.

Implementation of the Leadership Circle New Work

This 360 degree survey system is designed to provide accurate information about:

  • Future competencies,
  • Unfavorable behavior,
  • Leadership density and
  • Output factors.

The assessment groups supervisors, employees, colleagues and other assessors evaluate these four areas.

Sample Report Leadership Circle New Work

Our objective

  • Shaping a new attractive working environment through the implementation of New Work principles
  • Anchoring of new role models, mobilization and development of managers as inspirers and supporters of change.
  • Orientation through feedback systems: where do we stand and where do we see need for development needs?

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