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Vertical levels of personal development

Which levels of personal development can managers and employees reach depending on their age?

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The previous personal development models on the market measure people’s action competencies on a horizontal level. Horizontal means one’s own competencies, skills, and ability and knowledge.

Another way of looking at it is to define human development in terms of its possibilities, depending on age – that is, on a vertical level. Vertical development is thus about the development of the human being in his psychological maturity. It is about the unfolding of his potential of deeper understanding, deeper relationships and higher impact.

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The 8 levels of vertical personal development

Die The levels are mastered in a logical sequence over the course of a lifetime depending on development, with the degree of expression within the levels depending on the person.

The model shows the way in which people achieve personal maturity over the course of their lives. It also shows the level a person is at according to his or her age, but also where he or she might be. The model encourages people to consciously promote the growth of self-esteem, relationship skills, personal impact and identity.

The first insight from this model is to determine for oneself at which level one’s own level of development currently is. From this, development fields can be derived in order to reach new levels or to live mastered levels more intensively. In stressful situations we often fall back into older habits and sometimes react destructively. We can also become personally aware of these tendencies and look for new alternatives and reactions.

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